Csongor Kocsis



I was part of the frontend development team working closely with the UX designer and backend coders. I was creating several modules on the site in order to create a highly moduler structure hence creating a cleaner and faster coding.


Concept Design for National Concert Hall. The design focused on tablet expericnce to quickly find rooms and display the information with a pleasant look.

Oat Cosmetics

This project involved the following tasks: Brand design, custom images, website building, SEO optimisation.


Custom landing page build for the musician.

Wayfinding for UoS Science Park

This project involved creating a custom frontend for the visitors and a custom backend user system for the Universrity of Science Park as well. That way they have access to the list of current companies and can update their information in real time.

Spark Southampton

Spark Southampton is a technology incubator program to help students bring their ideas come true.

What I do

A self learned web developer and designer, who polished his skills throughout the projects. Worked more than 2 dozens clients and always focused on customer satisfaction. Always educating myself to keep up to date with the latest technology changes and trends.


HTML5, CSS3, Vanilla JavaScript, JQuery, NodeJS, MongoDB, MYSQL, AngularJS, Bootstrap, Materialize, LESS, Express, Wordpress


Backing up any information, using password manager to store credentials, secure server network connections are my daily tasks.

Version Control

Keeping track of code changes is not just useful for me but for the rest of the team members as well.

Responsive Design

In any project I make sure that the application works as designed in the specified environment. Hence a website is always mobile friendly as well.

Remote / Face to Face

Usually working remotely as most of my clients are from different countries. In case the client from intown, I am more than happy to schedule meetings with them.

Excellent Code Quality

I learned in the early stage that keeping a clean code is not just useful but kind of mandatory today's world.

Get in touch

If you have any questions regarding with my work or would like to discuss a project colleboration, feel free to drop me a message!